Monday, February 23, 2009

The Open Club Event:

Date:19/02/2009;M.V.S.R. Engg college.
The 'open club went further ahead.....,This time it was bhuvan krishna member of (free software foundation,india) Swecha is the first organization to translate and make available linux in Telugu language and launched it at recent TANA international conference.
Bhuvan krishna was here as part of the open club event to give his valuable seminar on Freedoms of software,applications,development and many other aspects related to Software.He says "you need not be a genius to be in localizing..even a one word translation by you contributes a lot.."
There were much more topics covered by him in Depth which are related to computer science (sorry, i understand only few..) also He presented an animated video Document which was purely made of software program....!!

The event was celebrated the mozilla way...with mozilla back drop and audience wearing FF3 batches..:)


Special thanks to "ALOKE ANAND" for making the event possilble.


Seminar on Mozilla FireFox By Dev Datta and Aashish:

This seminar was more like an interactive session which covered Mozilla history,facts,features,Definition & working of browser and general Quiz..!!

All the members present for the seminar were given Mozilla swag/goodies which include wrist bands,pens,party caps,stickers,batches....... and Ubuntu cd's as part of the quiz..!!!

As part of the campaigning, an SMS was sent to 2500Plus members of the campus that include students and staff members.The message was sent on 18 & 19 feb.The SMS included events and venue of the event followed with a link to ,Thanks to for helping us in making the event even more successful.


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