Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A blog on Firefox by my friend Sireesh.

Sireesh adimandyam, A Mozilla campus rep for Gurunank Engineering college. As a start i learnt about Ubuntu and other open-source software from him.! I Met Sireesh at a Mozilla Social Networking Group and we got to be friends!
He has something amazing for all the Firefox lovers,A blog with everything you need to know about Mozilla Firefox..

here's the link:

hope you enjoy...;)


Anonymous said...

Hi does mozilla sponsors events india?
can we use the firefox logo

swamy said...

hi vineel !! the T-shirt is cool man !! like we are also organizing an open source event so cud i get some material like bads,caps,posters to and put up a stall for promotion of open source event !!

swamy said...

check out
for more details on the event !!

aasi said...

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