Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seminar on Open source and Ethical Hacking by ANKIT FADIA.

'Open club' of M.V.S.R. Caught hold off Ankit Fadia, Worlds renowned Hacker and author of 11 international best sellers.

A small introduction to Ankit Fadia:

AGE 10
- Gifted a computer at home by his parents.

AGE 12 - Developed an interest in Computer Hacking.

AGE 14 – Published his first book titled The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking which became an instant bestseller worldwide, sold 500 000 copies and was translated into 11 languages.

AGE 16 – After the Sept. 11th attacks, cracked an encrypted email sent by the Al-Qaeda terrorist network for a classified intelligence agency.

AGE 21 - Widely recognized as an Ethical Hacker, Computer Security Expert and Cyber Terrorism guru. Written 11 bestselling books, delivered more than 1000 seminars in 25 countries, received 45 awards, provide certification courses on Computer Security, is writing a script for a movie, runs his own consulting company and is a senior at Stanford University.

To know more about Ankit fadia: http://www.hackingmobilephones.com


Ankit Fadia gave a seminar of about 2 hours which was attended by 300plus members. The seminar included live hacking of a big brand telephone network site..!!.He gave hacking tips and tricks, need of Ethical hackers and open source.

He explained the need to encourage open source and stop piracy. He gave Mozilla Firefox and VLC player as some of the examples and how they have various benefits.
The video recording of this seminar was not allowed as it involved some confidential,live hacking.

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Ankit Fadia said...

It was fabulous visiting your college and interacting with all of you! Keep the open source revolution going. All the Best. - Ankit Fadia

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