Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mozilla Community meet @ Ameerpet

Date: 19th july 3.0pm,ameerpet,A.P. INDIA
We started with  discussing each others favorite features of Firefox,
*Cbrao said that he is unable to open multiple Gmail accounts at the same time in Firefox, where as he can do so in IE8, using the 'Start a new session' feature. Veeven told him that he can use multiple profiles. (But, afterwards by Googling, he said found Gmail Manager.)
*veeven talked about the awsomebar and recent improvements like restricting the matches to bookmarks (*) and to tagged (+), etc.
* Manish enquired about a way to install/uninstall add-ons without restaring Firefox. Veeven told him that the Jetpacks can meet that requirement.
*Me & Sireesh proposed to start a community website for Firefox users in Andhra Pradesh. Manish suggested it would be better we conduct meetups about all free software's.
A gathering about Firefox without talking on Add-ons? Never.  We spoke about our favorite add-ons.

here are few:

* Aardvark: you can use it to clean up (remove ads, or other things on the that you do not need on) a web page before printing
* Tree Style Tab: organizes tabs in a tree structure. If you open multiple tabs by clicking on links on a page, all those tabs become children of the tab that you opened them from
* S3 Firefox Organizer: Helps you manage your files on Amazon S3
* FlashGot: use your external download manager in place of Firefox's
* Zotero: helps you manage your research sources
* Weave: a service from Mozilla. Sync your bookmarks, browsing history, and saved passwords.
* Indic Input Extension: type in Indian languages
* Window Resizer: resize your browser window to standard resolution sizes
* Firebug: debugging tool for HTML, CSS and JavaScirpt
* FoxyProxy: Use multiple internet connections? Make your life easy.
* FoxClocks: Have current time of multiple locations on your status bar or toolbar.
* DownThemAll: a download manager cum accelerator for your Firefox
* Cooliris: browse photos and videos on the web or on your computer
* Padma: read Indian language local newspapers in Unicode

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