Sunday, August 16, 2009

Firefox 3.5 Mega launch Party @ Hyderabad-Super Success & super fun !!!

Mega 3.5 Launch Event/Party :

Where ?
A.I.T.U.C Auditorium,Hyderabad.

July 11th

How ?

* Panel Members and guests.
* Technical Supporters -Bhuvan Krishna, FSF,India( ;Srikanth P- change Manager,Infosys.
* Media Partners - The HINDU,93.5 SFM radio,Vidyouth,Saakshi news.
* Chief Guest : Dr.Sudhakar garu,AIPSO general secretary.
* Target Audience-all Mozilla Firefox and Open source Developers,enthusiasts,Activists.

Campaigning and messaging that are used :

* Backdrop/Banners
* Brochure
* Posters and Sign boards

Firefox Promotional Activity and contests :

* Swag distribution -Stickers,wrist bands,Party caps,Batches etc
* Flaunt your Tattoo contest
* Video testimonials
* Live Browsing and experience of new Firefox 3.5 features (Wi-fi computer zone)

How do we Measure the success as ??

* Surveys and Response from the participants and attendees
* Video Coverage,Photos.
* Blogging ,Publishing an article,Video testimonials.

The complete event details we posted at :

There are news articles published relating to the event :

1)The HINDU,National newspaper main edition,3rd page

2)Saakshi regional newspaper,july 12th local edition ( please look for the attachment)

3)Vidyouth, weekly magazine :

We also did One more event held on 19th july( ) !!!
here is the link to photo gallery :

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zzz said...

Srinivas : It was really good, thanks for the pics, news update links!