Friday, November 21, 2014

Next Steps

Six years ago I started in Mozilla community as a Student Ambassador. From day 1 I fell in love with Mozilla and decided to spread this love to anyone and everyone. I made 'building a community' my only mission.

From hosting coffee shop meetups to a hundred member community meetup, from booth sessions to hosting some of the biggest hackathons, speaking at conferences to spending time 1-1 with community each day. Keeping the conversation flowing in all available channels. 3.00 AM phone calls are normal. It has been a experience, enjoyed every part of it.

Past couple of months have been intense from scaling the level of engagement across the growing community. Helping with Firefox OS launch to various campaigns.

Reading Chris's post gave some clarity on my present status, he said "I feel the first signs of burnout and I think it is very important to not let a fast and seemingly glamourous lifestyle on the road as an official spokesperson get in the way of finding peace and tranquility." 

"This is why I am taking a break from Mozilla. I am going on a sabbatical for a while and be a spectator watching the rewards of all the work we put in the last years."

After community India being successful in Firefox OS launch to celebrating Firefox 10th anniversary, to be a driving force in Webmaker Maker Party, things are going awesome.

From a handful of community to 100+ strong active community and hundreds of thousands of supporters, engaging, teaching and spreading the word of Open Web to millions, we have come far. With the solid structure of task forces, having distributed focus on project areas, transparent communication channels, both regional and local and most importantly having things grow from grass-root level, community India perfectly reflects 'many voices, one mozilla'. We at community India have set the bar high on what a group of passionate people can do.

I think it is perfect time for me to take a break. I am stepping down from my volunteer responsibilities in Pan-India level. I'll remain as a individual contributor with a focus on other areas at Mozilla, "and be a spectator watching the rewards of all the work we put in the last years."

I'm happy and proud with the community direction. Thanks to each and everyone of you amazing people for your support and trust without which we could not have come this far. And NO, I'm not leaving Mozilla. I'll just take a break from pan-India community responsibilities, I'm positive with the amazing team we have, things will continue to move further. I'll be active locally and focus on other areas with-in Mozilla(you may hear soon more on this). While I take the break, I'll be in a 'advisory role' (less execution, more on strategy/vision). I'll be available for the community for any kind of support, but this would be case by case and you may not expect full involvement from me for the time being. You will see me at events and meetups, come say hello.

Let Go. Onward..


mak said...

You served beyond borders. You had extended your assistance coverage area through out within the greater Indian sub continent. You will remain as an ICON to be followed by, yet to come any potential Moziliians for many years. Thanks for being awesome, cooperative and helping me as my mentor. It was an honour for me to serve Mozilla Mission alongside you. #I_Salute_Vineel

Jessica Osorio said...


You're an incredible person! You are one of the most passionate Mozilla contributors I've met thus far and it's been such an honor to collaborate with you. Beyond the work at Mozilla, I'm so happy we were able to foster a friendship! Let's stay in touch! Best of luck!

- Jess Osorio

davidwboswell said...

Thanks for everything you've done Vineel. Hope we'll have a chance to meet up again at some point :)