Sunday, June 13, 2010

Firefox Cup

As a User Engagement intern at Mozilla,  i got to work on Firefox Cup as one of my summer projects! 

The world’s largest football tournament started this week with plenty of opportunity to celebrate. And it is Fantastic to involve with something related. Ever worn a team jersey, painted team colors on your face in support or waved a flag from your car after a victory? There is another way to express your team spirit, and it doesn’t involve paint or fabric – just your Firefox Web browser!
As one of my first project at Mozilla i got to involve with Firefox Cup, which is Amazing! Firefox is the most customizable browser in the world. With Firefox Cup Personas (easy-to-use backgrounds that let you personalize the look of Firefox) you can customize your browser and show your team spirit.
Being in front of your computer doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the action, you can participate with the Firefox Cup . By wearing one of these 32 Personas to support your team, you’ll take part in the global Firefox Cup competition. On the Firefox Cup website, you can easily see how many “fans” each team has (i.e., how many people are wearing each team Persona on their Firefox). The team with the most fans will win the Firefox Cup!
We’ll announce round winners on the following dates:
  • June 16th: Round 1
While Mexico and Germany are competing closely, At the start of Firefox cup Argentina was leading its way followed by strong competitor- Brazil. And interestingly Brazil scored highest now, with considerable fan gain in no time!!
  • June 23rd: Round 2
  • June 30th: Round 3
  • July 7th: Round 4
  • July 14th: Overall country winner announced!
You can also stay on top of scores and news within your Firefox browser with the FootieFox add-on. No matter where you are in the world or your time zone, you can catch all the action and support your team with the Firefox Cup!
The winning country will be showcased on Mozilla’s sites and more, so be sure to cast your vote by wearing your favorite country’s Persona today.
For more information, see:
To keep up the spirit you can use the Firefox Cup display picture and Twitter background image:
Please "Like" and "Comment" in Mozilla Facebook group:
For all related tweets please use #fxcup :)

Also i got to involved with Firefox Cup PR Outreach, packing and sending media tool kits to various publications via FedEx..which was fun. For the first time i got to be part of the website launch- I am amazed by the power of social media, getting to know more of it. So much of excitement catching up.. working with awesome Creative people for the Firefox Cup!

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