Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Inspiring community members...

Ricardo Meza,Mexico.
he is working in Firefox Mexican Spanish localization.

" Mozilla-Mexico.sf.net "


Issa M,Jordan.
One of the member behind open source/Mozilla club at Jordan university of science and technology..(JUST..)

' http://www.just.edu.jo/opensource/mozillaclub '


Clauber ,Brazil.
Presently helping ubiquity project.A member of Rockband :)

' http://clauber.coffeebreakers.org '


Danishka Navin, Sri Lanka.
He is working on a lot of projects and an active open source enthusiast.

'http://www.danishkanavin.blogspot.com '


Guillermo Movia, Argentina.
he is with the localization team,started translating Mozilla suite several years ago.also work relating code and css.

' http://www.mozilla-ar.org '


I am glad that i got to know them.:)

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